Ecumenism at Carmel-in-the-City

The theme of the next Carmel-in-the-City, on Saturday, 7 February, (11.30am - 4.30pm) will be Spiritual Ecumenism & Ecumenical Spirituality with a panel including Bro. Colin Wilfrid SSF of the Anglican Society of St Francis, Mildred Nevile, a Catholic who works closely with the London Centre for Spirituality, based at St Edmund the King Church, Lombard Street in the City, and clergy from local churches.

For more details see: Contact: Sylvia Lucas: Tel: 07889 436165

The organisers also recommend this site:

A group of 42 will be taking part in the ecumenical pilgrimage from local Churches ­ St Joseph's, St Anne's Lutheran Church, St Giles Cripplegate & Wesley's Chapel ­ including clergy, to Rome from 21 - 26 January. They will be remembering us all in their prayers especially next Sunday at the Ecumenical Vespers at St Paul's outside the Walls with Pope Benedict.

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