Viewpoint: A poor Church for the poor

Steve Atherton, J&P Fieldworker for Liverpool, writes:

One of the first things Pope Francis said on his election four years ago was to wish that the church would be “a poor church for the poor”. What would a ‘poor church’ look like and what transformation will be necessary before we become such a church? Can we say we want to be part of the “Poor church for the poo...

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Viewpoint: Hunger epidemic should figure in election debate

Volunteers dole out rations

Journalist Paul Donovan writes: Why do over three million children go hungry in the school holidays and more than one million go to foodbanks in the fifth richest country in the world?

Hunger does not seem to be a subject that has figured prominently in the present general election campaign, yet its growing occurrence, particularly among children, is a national disgrace.


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Viewpoint: Africa - where are western Christians when we need them?

The spread of violent jihadist fundamentalism is exposing a chasm between Christians in Africa and the West. Christians under attack in Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and elsewhere are bewildered that their co-religionists in the relatively prosperous and safe world are not more engaged on their behalf. They also point to deeper doctrinal divisions making them feel isolated, despite the financial...

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Viewpoint: Flashpoint of Jerusalem hangs over Trump - Netanyahu meeting

Sensitivities over Jerusalem and its holy places loom large as the US president and Netanyahu are due to meet tomorrow - Jonathan Cook, writes in his blog The View from Nazareth.

Often described as the powder-keg issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jerusalem was expected to loom large in Wednesday's meeting in Washington between Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benj...

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Viewpoint: Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge

"Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge." Simon Sinek.

These words resonate deeply for me in the light of what we have seen in recent days. Ninety four mentally ill patients died in Gauteng between the 23rd of March and the 19th of December 2016. This was the result of decisions made to reduce costs without any recognition...

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Viewpoint: South Africa's mental health scandal

The Jesuit Institute South Africa is appalled by the revelations contained in the Health Ombud's Life Esidimeni Report (which reveals that at least 94 people died in psychiatric hospitals in South Africa) . We want to express our deepest sympathy to those who lost their loved ones in this scandalous situation. They were our brothers and sisters too.

The revelations, in the report, amount ...

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Viewpoint: Who's showing whose true colours?

Phyllis Zagano

Confused about the recent discussions over Cardinal Burke, Amoris Laetitia and the Knights of Malta? In her latest column for the National Catholic Reporter, Phyllis Sagano offers a very helpful summary.

Sagano writes: Every seagoing ship flies its colours - its flag - so other vessels can identify friend or foe. Pirates often displayed false flags, only showing their tr...

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Viewpoint: Why has Guantanamo not shut?

Detainees arrive 2002 - Wiki image

When Barack Obama became US President eight years ago, one of his early promises was to close the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay. As he leaves office, that promise remains unfulfilled, with a number of men remaining detained there, Paul Donovan writes in his latest blog. The broken promise comes to mind, when visiting Edmund Clark's War on terror exhibition, presently running at ...

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Viewpoint - American Catholic writes in wake of US election

For those of us using the Gospel and Catholic social teaching as our voting guide, choosing between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates was an absolute dilemma. Hillary Clinton's hawkish military attitude, like her vote to authorize former President George W Bush to attack Iraq - which opened up the doors to the ongoing bloodbath in the Middle East - along with her aggressive ...

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Viewpoint: Remembrance has become a struggle between war and peace makers

There has been another silly argument over the past week concerning whether the England and Scotland football teams should be allowed to wear the poppy on their shirts for the international match on Friday, Paul Donovan writes in his blog

It is a stupid objection from FIFA to the wearing of the poppy, yet it has brought the issue into the public discourse. Remembrance Sunday has ...

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Viewpoint: Hate, hate and more hate - Is there any hope for Asia Bibi after judge resigns through fear?

Image shows banner put up by Barelvi Sunni cleric in Lahore. The words translate as 'Anyone who even tries to free this blasphemer, the accursed Asia Bibi is also worthy of receiving death.'

The Judge who withdrew himself from Asia Bibi's Appeal hearing has now resigned from Judiciary. Asia Bibi's future is hard to predict. After her already delayed Supreme Court appeal for her blasphemy conviction seven years previous was postponed, many Christians became deeply disheartened. Apparently a judge who should have been on a panel of three presiding over her trial, failed to recognize ...

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Viewpoint: A garden in the heart of a child

Photo by Lesvos Solidarity

Ivars Balkits is a volunteer with Christian Peacemaker Teams, working at a refugee camp on the island of Lesvos.

It's morning in the camp. Humanity Crew, an organization of translators, comes by to pick up a vanload of Pikpa residents to take them to Moria detention center for the day. They are going for interviews and to fill out paperwork related to appeals for asylum or ...

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Viewpoint: Sad demise of Progressio

Paul Donovan

The sad news that Progressio is to cease operating will have dismayed if not surprised many in the social justice world - Paul Donovan writes in his latest blog.

The organisation seems to have been in terminal decline for some years, becoming increasingly dependent on government money to perform its aid work. Now that this funding has diminished so the organisation has ceased to operate.<...

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Viewpoint: Please don't call Haiti's Hurricane destruction a 'natural disaster'

Have at least 800 people killed in Haiti as Hurricane Matthew swept through the impoverished Caribbean island been victims of a natural disaster? Perusing much of the media, you would think so. And our development agencies are focusing on humanitarian responses, seeking funds for water purification kits, emergency food and construction materials for the estimated 350,000 people affected.Look at...

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