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Norwich: Catholic Cathedral receives prestigious environmental award

Members of Norwich livesimply group

The Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Norwich has become only the second cathedral in the country to receive a livesimply award, given in recognition of the parish’s commitment to live more sustainably. Inspired by their 2016 Lenten reflections on the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’ – a letter by the Pope addressed to the whole world encouraging us to care for the e...

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Glasgow: Muslims and Christians in peace vigil

The heavy rain during Nelson Mandela’s funeral in 2013 was seen as a blessing. The blessing which fell on the peace vigil organised by the Ahl Al Bait Society Scotland and Focolare Movement Scotland on Tuesday 12th September in Glasgow was certainly abundant: the rain was torrential. The event was held in George Square, at the heart of the city and was open to people of all faith communiti...

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Booking now: Joy in Enough – awakening to a new economics

The next ‘Big Workshop’ of the ‘Joy in Enough’ initiative of Green Christian will take place in Sheffield on 18 November 2017. A few places are still available.

Joy in Enough is a challenge to Christians in Britain, and an invitation to all people of good will, to join in building a just economy within the ecological limits of the Earth. It is led by by Green Christian and support...

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Glasgow: Faith Communities to come together in a Vigil for Hope

In light of the terrible, violent events of recent months and years, the Ahl Al Bait Society Scotland and Focolare Movement Scotland invite people of all faith communities and good will to stand in solidarity in a vigil for peace and hope on Tuesday 12 September in George Square, Glasgow from 6-7pm

The Focolare Movement is an international movement, inspired by the gospel, working for uni...

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This is where war begins - silent vigil at Arms Fair

Catholics, Quakers, Anglicans and others gathered in force last night at an hour-long silent vigil on the eve of the Defence & Security Equipment International arms fair in London last night. Pat Gaffney of Pax Christi reminded those gathered that "this 'fair' first took place in London on 9/11/2001 - and same day as the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. Some might argue that this is w...

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Frank Regan speaks on 'Our late great Planet Earth'

The Blue Marble - taken during Apollo 17 lunar mission 1972

Writer and theologian Frank Regan gave a talk on 'Our late great Planet Earth: can we change direction? Explorations and reflections on Laudato Si’ on Wednesday night.

Frank contrasted the present state of the earth with the associations it has had over the ages. Genesis – God seeing all that he had made and it was very good; “cosmetics” derived from the Greek “cosmos” connoti...

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Hurricane Irma exposes Trump’s wilful blindness on climate change

President Trump’s reckless attitude to climate change is being shown to be folly as Hurricane Irma tears through Miami, Christian Aid says. Last year a Christian Aid report showed that Miami tops the list of most vulnerable cities to climate change induced coastal flooding.

Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid’s International Climate Lead, said: “We’re starting to see what happens when cli...

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The UN list of child killing nations

image: http://theirworld.org/places/yemen

As the largest arms fair in the world is due to open in London next week, Fr Shay Cullen reflects on who are the main victims of weapons in the world today.

Ali is a seven-year old boy. He lies with his head bandaged, a needle stuck in his arm and he is breathing with great difficulty. He is close to death lying in a makeshift shelter that is an emergency field clinic in Yemen wh...

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Season of Creation

The Season of Creation has begun! Over the coming weeks, from Friday 1 September to Wednesday 4 October, Christians around the world will join together in celebrating creation and contemplating our role in protecting it. Last Friday 1 September, on the World Day of Prayer for Creation, Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew released a joint statement, inviting all people o...

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Christians arrested as thousands protest against the London Arms Fair

A group of six Christian activists were arrested on Wednesday as they took part in a peaceful demonstration against the London Arms Fair. The group from the anti-Trident nonviolent campaign Trident Ploughshares were arrested after blocking the West Gate of the ExCeL Centre in Docklands, ahead of the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) the world'...

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No Faith in War prayers outside DSEI Arms Fair

Trucks carrying exhibits for the fair were forced to wait as one gentle, wheelchair-bound protester slowly crossed the road every time she saw them coming.

Pat Gaffney, general secretary of Pax Christi quoted the words of Pope Francis during prayers for peace outside the Excel Centre in east London on Tuesday - where the DSEI Arms Fair is due to open next Tuesday:

"It is an absurd contradiction to speak of peace, to negotiate peace, and at the same time, promote or permit the arms trade.

Is this war or that war really a wa...

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Christian peace activists pray and protest at world's biggest arms fair

On Tuesday morning, members of Christian peace groups Put Down the Sword and the London Catholic Worker joined other campaigners to successfully block service roads leading to the Excel Centre in east London where the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair, billed as 'the world's leading defense & security event' is due to open on 12 September. Some activists blocked a...

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No Faith in War: Day of Prayer to Stop the Arms Fair

Today, Tuesday 5th September, from 9am - 5pm, a coalition of faith groups are gathering for a day of worship, prayer and peaceful nonviolent resistance, as truck loads of equipment arrive at DSEI, one of the largest arms fairs in the world.

In the morning, Wake Up London will lead a Peace Sit meditation followed by a Quaker Meeting for Worship and readings from the Torah.

An interna...

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Support for migrants in Europe - Seeking Sanctuary prayer cards

We have produced prayer cards for those concerned about how to face up to the challenge of migration into Europe. Seeking Sanctuary has worked to raise awareness of the plight of migrants who find themselves destitute and reliant upon humanitarian aid after perilous journeys to reach Europe in the hope of being welcomed and starting upon new lives. Each of these human beings is made in God's im...

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