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Film: The Promise

The word ‘genocide’ was coined to describe one of the most awful crimes of the 20th Century - and yet many people today won’t know what happened to Turkey’s Armenian Christians between 1915 and 1923. A religious and ethnic minority in a country experiencing a tide of nationalism, the Armenians became a target of persecution. Eventually over 1.5 million people were killed and many others...

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London screening: Ignacio de Loyola

Special screenings of a new film exploring the life of St Ignatius Loyola take place in London this Palm Sunday, at the Regent Street Cinema.

Shot in Spain and the Philippines, Ignacio de Loyola is directed by Paolo Dy, the film stars Andreas Munoz, Javier Godino and Julio Perillan.

The film will be shown at 2pm and 5.30pm at the Regent Street Cinema, 309 Regent Street, London, W1B ...

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Johnny Depp film composer becomes CAFOD ambassador

Benson with CAFOD fish

A Bradford-born, award-winning film composer who penned the score for Johnny Depp's latest film, London Fields has become the newest ambassador for CAFOD.

Benson Taylor, whose music has featured in TV shows the Big Bang Theory, Orange is the New Black and Two and a Half Men is currently supporting the charity's Big Fish Lent Appeal.

A lifelong committed Catholic, the married father-...

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Film: Loving

Loving, the new film from acclaimed writer/director Jeff Nichols, released in the UK this Friday, tells the true story of the interracial couple, Richard and Midred Loving, played by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga, from a small town in Virginia, who fell in love and got married in 1958, but then spent the next nine years struggling to live together as a family.

It's hard to believe, but bac...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger greets Pope at General Audience

Wiki image

Among those greeting Pope Francis at the General Audience on Wednesday was Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of the US state of California and Hollywood film star.

Schwarzenegger has been promoting the 'R20 - Regions of Climate Action', an NGO he founded in 2010 which seeks to help sub-national governments around the world to develop and communicate low-carbon and climate ...

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COMPETITION: Win tickets to Scorsese season at the BFI

A major retrospective dedicated to the great filmmaker Martin Scorsese, is taking place at the British Film Institute on London's South Bank this January and February.

Highlights of the season include screenings of films from the director's back catalogue, including The Age of Innocence, with classics Goodfellas and Taxi Driver each getting cinema re-releases. Many films, shown accompanie...

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Film preview: Hacksaw Ridge

The extraordinary true story of the Christian, vegetarian, conscientious objector, Desmond T Doss who saved 75 men in Okinawa, during the bloodiest battle of WWII, without firing a single shot, is told in this impressive new film directed by Mel Gibson.

Desmond, played by Andrew Garfield, (seen recently as a Jesuit priest in Silence) believed that the war was just but killing was wrong - ...

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India: international film festival dedicated to Mother Teresa

The Catholic Church in Goa, southern India, is hosting a six day Mother Teresa International Film Festival starting today, January 5, 2016. The Festival will screen a number of Indian and international films based on the life and work of the Albanian-born saint.

In a statement, the Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media, Goa, said the aim of the festival "is to make known the lif...

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Film: Silence

Andrew Garfield with Tadanobu Asano

Christianity was first brought to Japan by St Francis Xavier and companions in 1549. By 1610 there were more than 300,000 Japanese Christians, mostly based around Nagasaki. They were largely accepted. One group was even given an old monastery.

But in 1590 the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi won control over the country and this new religion, seen as an unwelcome foreign influence, was outlawed...

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Documentary warns of the coming war on China

Over the past decade the United States has built up a chain of military bases in the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, encircling the coast of China. Catholic priest Father Mun Jeong-hyeon has been protesting for a decade against the building of a US base on the Korean island of Jeju. Together with other priests Fr Mun celebrates Mass every day on the site of the base. He has be...

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Film: The Heart of Nuba

Dr Tom Catena

At six o'clock each morning an American doctor makes his way through the dark to a simple chapel where he spends half an hour, rosary in hand, enlisting God's support for the day ahead. He is Dr Tom Catena, and he is the only surgeon in the only hospital serving a million people in a remote corner of Sudan. Catena's story would be remarkable enough as it is, treating leprosy, malari...

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Actor recalls retreat at St Bueno's preparing for role in Scorsese's 'Silence'

Scorsese on set with Andrew Garfield

Actor Andrew Garfield has been speaking about his experience of undertaking a seven-day silent retreat at St Beuno's spirituality and retreat centre in North Wales, in preparation for his role in the Martin Scorsese film Silence, which is due to be released in the UK in the New Year - the Jesuit News Service reports. Scorsese has been passionate about making the film since he read Shū...

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Film: A Street Cat Named Bob

Many people living in north London will have seen the busker James Bowen, and his exceptional cat Bob - regulars by the Angel, Islington, Covent Garden and other locations. Their story - which became a best-seller - is told in this heartwarming film directed by Roger Spottiswoode.

A recovering drug addict, with a difficult family background, James, played beautifully by Luke Treadaway, is...

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New Scorsese film 'Silence' tells story of Jesuits in Japan

Andrew Garfield as Fr Rodrieguez - image Kerry Brown

For Christians across the world, faith is a source of hope and comfort. Jesus's triumph over death offers a reason for joy whatever the circumstances, and a promise that light will ultimately overcome darkness. But if we only talk about victory, we risk denying the reality of the other half of life. Where is God in our doubt, in our defeat - and even in our despair?

These thorny questions...

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