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Polish-English prayer books for children

CTS has just published two beautifully-illustrated Polish-English prayer books for children - one book of prayers and one for reading during Mass.

The prayer book: Mój Maly Modlitewnik brings to life well-known Catholic prayers in an attractive and child-friendly style, helping children to engage with their faith. Polish-English texts are on facing pages.

See: http://www.ctsbooks.o...

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Book: The End of Lieutenant Boruvka by Josef Skvorecky

We are told that we are living in a 'post-truth age'. The President of the United States has his staff put out alternative facts - or lies - when the verifiable truth is uncomfortable. Climate change is a conspiracy theory. The Muslims (en masse) are out to get us. A referendum is held, lies are told, 37% of people vote to leave the EU - but the people have spoken, although those living oversea...

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Book: The Virgin Eye: Towards a Contemplative View of Life

Robin Daniels

The Virgin Eye: Towards a Contemplative View of Life. Robin Daniels. Edited by Katherine Daniels. Instant Apostle, Great Britain, 2016. Pages 416. £9.99.

This is a beautiful book, full of practical wisdom. Robin Daniels (+ 2012) worked in private practice for 30 years as a Jungian analyst. He was supervisor for St Marylebone Healing Centre, London, facilitating a reflecting grou...

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Book: Stations of the Cross Then and Now

Stations of the Cross Then and Now Fr Denis McBride CSsR Redemptorist Publications, December 2016 ISBN: 9780852314722 RRP: £12.95

"The way of the cross is not confined to a lonely road in Jerusalem two thousand years ago: it is a busy highway winding through every village, town and city in our modern world."

...and s...

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Book: Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance

Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance - publisher: William Collins

This memoir of a dismal childhood among the so-called white trash of Appalachia has been a publishing sensation. Vance's book appeared at the same time many Americans were asking how Donald Trump had become the Republican Party's nominee, and then their president-elect. Commentators have assumed the anger and mistrust expre...

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My Christmas day read: Mrs Scrooge: a Christmas Tale

Carol Ann Duffy, Mrs Scrooge: a Christmas Tale (Picador, London, 2008).

An enchanting masterpiece of Christmas poetry from the Poet Laureate. Ebenezer Scrooge's widow stands outside Marley's supermarket, protesting against cruel turkey farming practices, consumerism and waste while shoppers shove their trolleys past her, shouting, 'Spoilsport!' The ghosts of Christmas Past, Pre...

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Muriel Spark - The Biography by Martin Stannard

Muriel Spark - The Biography by Martin Stannard, (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2009).

At Eastertime, ten years ago (2006), Muriel Spark died in a hospital in Florence. It was Maundy Thursday, she was 88 years old. Her final years had involved a botched operation, and a great amount of physical pain. Yet she kept on writing novels up to the end, The Finishing School, her last, being pu...

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Book: Dementia: hope on a difficult journey

Dementia: hope on a difficult journey, by Dr Adrian Treloar, Published by Redemptorist Publications 2016 ISBN: 9780852314715 RRP: £9.95

During my previous nursing career, I was one of many who dedicated a considerable amount of time and energy to the care of men and women with dementia. Sometimes those with dementia included Sisters from...

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Book launch - Ronald Knox: A Man for all Seasons

A new book: Ronald Knox: A Man for all Seasons (ed by Francesca Bugliani Knox) is being launched next Monday at Heythrop College. Fr Nicholas Schofield, archivist of the Archdiocese of Westminster, will be giving the introduction.

Ronald Knox occupies a conspicuous role in English religious, cultural and literary history, and he was also one of the leading lights of the English 'Catholic ...

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Preview: Last Testament: In His Own Words by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Last Testament: In His Own Words by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, with Peter Seewald In this most touching and revealing book - the nearest Pope Benedict will probably ever get to writing an autobiography - the author speaks with disarming honesty and humility of the causes célèbres which impacted his pontificate, as well as his inner life, his life of prayer and hi...

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Dublin: Senator pays tribute to Irish missionaries at book launch

Ahead of World Mission Day, Senator Ronan Mullen paid tribute to the work of Irish missionaries at the launch of 'The Legacy of Irish Missionaries Lives On' by Matt Moran, in St Paul's Church, Arran Quay, Dublin last Wednesday.

The book also deals with the role of faith in international development, the work on advocacy, social justice and climate change by religious at the UN, the increa...

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Book: Paisley School an early model of Catholic-Protestant co-operation

l-r: Rev Alan Birss, Tom Higgins, Bishop John Keenan

The Bishop of Paisley, Bishop John Keenan and the Minster of Paisley Abbey, Rev Alan Birss have joined local author and retired head teacher Tom Higgins to launch a book on the first Catholic school in Paisley. The school was established in October 1816 and was run by a committee of 12 Protestants and 12 Catholics, a cooperation highly untypical of its time and place.

Early teaching was p...

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