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New web page offers alternatives to war

 The combination of Saddam Hussein's oppressive power and US sanctions against Iraq has proved deadly for thousands of Iraqis-and now the Bush administration is making plans for a war against Iraq. But, according to a new page on the Sojourners website, there are viable, nonviolent alternatives to war that can be just as effective in bringing about democracy. Titles of articles include: 'How to Topple Saddam With Nonviolence' and 'Ten Reasons Not to Bomb Iraq' The site also looks at models of non-violence in the Israel- Palestine conflict, and reflects on September 11. Sojourners is an ecumenical Christian site based in Washington, DC 'with a mission to proclaim and practice the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice.' Visit them at: www.sojo.net/terror/index.cfm/action/home.html