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London: chance to meet producer of Tsotsi

The producer of this year's Oscar-winning best foreign film, Tsotsi, is coming to the School of Oriental and African Studies in London Wednesday, to talk with students about the film's message and the Christian values which inspire it.

Mr Peter Fudakowski, a committed Catholic, is keen to share with young people his experiences of making the film, a South African production which triumphed for its beauty and emotional depth.

The film, now in cinemas around the world, describes how a troubled young man, caught up in the violent gang world of Johannesburg, is forced to reconsider his life after shooting a woman and stealing her car only to find a baby on the back-seat. Although there are some brutal scenes, Tsotsi has a deeply positive message. It expresses Christian themes of redemption and conversion in secular language.

Mr Fudakowski wants to explore these issues with London students. The talk will be at SOAS's Vernon Square campus, at 6.15pm (Lecture theatre V211). All welcome. LONDON - 8 May 2006 - 172 words