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Pope begins vacations

 Pope John Paul left Rome yesterday morning for a 12 day vacation in the Valle d'Aosta region of northern Italy. Speaking after the Angelus on Sunday, he said: "As I prepare to start this brief vacation my thoughts go to the families who have planned their vacations for this period. I hope they are able to live this time in serene relaxation. At the same time I am thinking of all those who, for diverse reasons, cannot take a true and proper vacation. "I hope that everyone can profit from the necessary break from work and that recreational initiatives, enriched by genuine human relations, will be promoted to give relief to persons who are alone and in difficulty." When the Holy Father returns from his trip to the mountains, he will recite the Angelus, starting on July 18, from the courtyard at Castelgandolfo. Weekly general audiences will also be held there. Source: VIS