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London: donkey to lead ecumenical procession

Palm Sunday 2009

Palm Sunday 2009

Christian churches in and around Finsbury Park in north London,  will be gathering  together at the Manor House park gates on Sunday,  to share an Ecumenical Service of Blessing of Palms.

This is the fifth year that St Thomas More's Roman Catholic Church,  St Olaves Anglican Church, St John the Evangelist Anglican Church and The Methodist United Reform Church of Finsbury Park have united their congregations on Palm Sunday morning.  

After the service,  the crowd will process down Seven Sisters Road, led by Oliver the donkey and a band of gypsy musicians.  This will be an enactment of the original story when Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem and the crowds waved branches to welcome him.  

Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week when Christians around the world prepare for Good Friday and Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.