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Thinking Faith on Homelessness Sunday

Christ of the Breadlines by Fritz Eichenberg picture: Think Faith

Christ of the Breadlines by Fritz Eichenberg picture: Think Faith

Thinking Faith has two stories on homelessness issues today. One concerns plans to make the 2012 London Olympics a year in which to end rough sleeping in the capital. The other is a personal story by a Jesuit volunteer working with homeless people.

Homelessness and 2012: more questions than answers?

The countdown to the London Olympics has now begun in earnest, but the excitement that the Games bring is only one side of the story. With the global spotlight making its way to the capital, 2012 is now a target date to end street homelessness, but how realistic a goal is this? Alison Gelder looks at past, present and future attempts to address rough sleeping, and asks us to think beyond practical action so that the 2012 target can be achieved.  Read >> www.thinkingfaith.org/articles/20100129_2.htm

iWitness: 'It is not a duty to help Christ, it is a privilege'

When Danny Daly decided that he wanted to become more active in his faith, London Jesuit Volunteers provided him with the opportunity to get involved with homelessness projects in and around London.  As we mark Homelessness Sunday on 31 January, Danny describes the life-changing journey that his work with the homeless has led him on.  Read: www.thinkingfaith.org/articles/20100129_1.htm