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Bristol: women bring stories of peace from the Holy Land

 A group of women from Israel and Palestine will be visiting Bristol tomorrow night, to tell real stories of peacemaking that the news does not report. The news from Palestine and Israel is very grim at the moment and there seems little hope for a peaceful solution. However, there are Israeli and Palestinian groups working together for a just settlement and with them some hope lies. They are groups who reject violence as a means of solving the divisions and problems between their peoples, and who work for understanding across the divide. The aims of the visit are to offer ongoing support to women on both sides of the divide and to enable their voices to be heard by a wider public in this country by means of talks with ordinary people and religious leaders. For more information please contact Sue Ingham, Secretary to the Clifton Diocese Justice & Peace Commission. Tel: 0117 924 3011 The talk takes place from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm at the Malcolm X Community Centre, in City Road, St Pauls, Bristol.