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Christian home swap

 The Christian Home Exchange Fellowship (CHEF), is a non-profit making Christian organisation to enable members to enjoy low-priced holidays by exchanging their homes with other Christian families in the UK or abroad. The organisation is more than 30 years old now and works in conjunction with a similar one based in Holland. Users are people from all denominations and ages, who prefer spending their holidays in a home, rather than in a hotel or rented apartment, at much reduced cost. Not only does CHEF provide its members with wonderful holidays but it donates extra profits to charities working with young people. If you haven't yet booked your annual holiday then why not visit the new CHEF website at www.christianhomeexchange.net Here you can read what satisfied members have to say and find out how the scheme works. For further information contact the organiser Peter Worsley at info@christianhomeexchange.net or telephone 01242 521886.