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Westminster: Cardinal to meet Neocatechumenal community

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, will meet with the priests and lay people of the Neocatechumenal communities of the Diocese on Saturday, in order to hear about their experiences and share his own hopes for the pastoral development of the diocese. In the meeting, at Ealing Abbey, at which he will be accompanied by his auxiliary bishops, the Cardinal will reflect on the five priorities he set out in 'Communion and Mission', the White Paper on diocesan renewal published in 2006. He will also outline the work being undertaken by the Diocese of Westminster's newly established 'Agency for Evangelisation'. Headed by Fr Michael O'Boy, the Agency has recently launched 'A Holy Nation', a daily meditation and group reflection faith sharing resource for Lent. Cardinal Cormac said: "This meeting with members of the Neocatechumenal Way will provide an opportunity to share ideas, successes and concerns The vision outlined in Communion and Mission was of a growing togetherness in our Diocese, and I hope that through this meeting we can further deepen our unity." The Neocatechumenal Way started in Westminster in 1977, in the Parish of Guardian Angels, Mile End, with the support of Bishop Victor Guazzelli. Today it is present in four parishes with 20 communities. Source: Diocese of Westminster