Pope Francis: Never forget the Shoah

Pope prays at Auszwitz

Pope prays at Auszwitz

Through the Vatican's Secretary of State, Pope Francis sent a message to the participants of the 40th Anniversary of the Neocatechumenal Way celebrations in Berlin, which took place on June 9 and 10.

Among the events marking this anniversary were: a Eucharist celebrated in thanksgiving, the presentation of the book entitles Annotations by Kiko Argüello, and a Symphonic-Catechetical celebration entitled "The Suffering of the Innocents", composed by Kiko Argüello held at the Berlin Philharmonic.

In the symphony, victims of the Shoah are commemorated. Following the performance, Pope Francis' message on the occasion of the symphony sent through the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro-Parolin to Archbishop Heiner Koch, Archbishop of Berlin was read.

In a message signed by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Pope Francis conveys his joy for the symphony entitled 'The Suffering of the Innocents', composed by Kiko Argüello. "Rooted in and inspired by the Biblical lamentation, this symphony commemorates the many victims of the Shoah," the message says. The memory of the Shoah and its atrocious violence must never be forgotten. Instead, the message states, "it should be a constant warning for all of us of an obligation to reconciliation, of reciprocal comprehension and love toward our 'elder brothers', the Jews". The message concludes saying that "the Holy Father unites himself in this intent and from his heart invokes on all present the blessing of the merciful God".

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