St Modomnoc

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Abbot. St Modomnoc was born in the 6th century, and, according to legend was a son of the royal O'Neill family of Ireland. He studied under St David at his Menevia monastery in Pembrokeshire.

One of his duties as a monk was looking after the beehives. Stories tell that a swarm of his bees settled on his ship when it was time for him to return to Ireland - and so he was the person that introduced beekeeping to the country.

In the 9th century Martyrology of Oegus the Culdee, it is written: "in a little boat from the east in a pure-coloured sea my Domnoc brought the gifted race of Ireland's bees."

Modomnoc settled at Tibberaghny in Co Kilkenny. Some historians claim he became bishop of Ossory.

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