St Colman of Cloyne

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Irish Bishop. Born in Munster in 530, St Colman was a royal bard at Cashel. He was about 50 when he became a Christian and could be described as having an early 'late vocation'.

In his mid 50s he was ordained and from that time, worked as a priest and then a bishop in Limerick and Cork.

Colman was known as a great poet. His surviving verses date from the period 565 and 604, and are among the earliest examples of Irish writing in the Latin alphabet.

He is said to have composed Luin oc laib, a poem in praise of Domnall mac Muirchertaig, king of Tara, and another poem on the death of Áed Sláine, king of the UÍ Néill.

He built the first church at Cloyne and another at Kilmaclenine. There are still ancient ruins in these places and a holy well at Cloyne.