St Wolfgang of Regensburg

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Bishop. Born in Swabia, Germany, in 924, Wolfgang was educated at a school located at the abbey of Reichenau. There he met Henry, a young aristocrat who went on to become Archbishop of Trier. Wolfgang taught at his cathedral school and supported his efforts to reform the clergy.

After Archbishop Henry died, Wolfgang decided to become a Benedictine monk and moved to an abbey in Einsiedeln, now in Switzerland. Following his ordination as a priest, he was appointed director of the monastery school there. Later he was sent to Hungary as a missionary.

Emperor Otto II appointed him Bishop of Regensburg (near Munich). He immediately initiated reform of the clergy and of religious life. He was known as a fine preacher and always demonstrating special concern for the poor. Although he was a bishop he insisted on wearing his plain monk's habit.

Wolfgang was always drawn to a life of solitude and prayer. At one point he left his diocese so that he could devote himself to prayer, but his responsibilities as bishop called him back.

In 994 he became ill while on a journey; he died in Puppingen near Linz, Austria. His feast day is celebrated widely in much of central Europe. A cult soon formed around him. He was canonized in 1052.