St Bertrand, St Bee

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Dominican priest. Born near Nimes in France, in the 12th century, Bertrand first became a secular priest. Around 1208, he met St Dominic who was beginning his campaign to evangelise the Albigensians.

In 1215 he joined St Dominic's' newly-formed religious congregation, the Order of Preachers, who travelled about the country preaching on the Gospels.

He helped found the friary at Paris and was a constant companion of St Dominic before becoming the Provincial for Provence.

Bertrand died in 1230 and was proclaimed "blessed" by Pope Leo XIII in 1881.

and St Bee

Nun. Little is known about this seventh century saint, but a village and headland in Cumbria are named after her. She was venerated for centuries in Northumberland. Historians think she was probably Irish, and may have been consecrated as a nun by St Aidan.

Some books refer to a Saint Bega of Hackness on this day. This saint lived about the same time as St Bee and may have been the same person. She is said to have been a nun at Hackness and had a shrine at Whitby.

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