St Landry of Paris

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Saint Landry is known mainly for his work with the sick. From the time he was consecrated Bishop of Paris in 650, he devoted himself to their care - founding the city's first hospital, dedicated to St Christopher, next to Notre Dame Cathedral.

His generosity was so great that in times of famine, Landry sold or pawned the sacred vessels and his own furniture in order to relieve the suffering of the poor. Together with 23 other bishops he subscribed to the charter Clovis II gave to Saint-Denis Abbey in 653.

St Landry died in 661. The hospital changed its name to the Hotel Dieu, and exists to this day.

He was buried in the church of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, then called St Vincent's, where his relics, except two bones given to the parish of Saint-Landry in 1408, are kept in a silver shrine. He is honoured with an office in the new Paris Breviary.

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