St Beuno

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St Bueno's Retreat Centre

Abbot. St Beuno lived in Wales during the 6th century. According to his Life, written 800 years later, he was born and educated in Herefordshire, near the present village of Llanfeuno. His main work was at Clynnog Fawr in Gwynedd where he founded a monastery.

There are records of other churches and communities founded by him or his disciples, in central east Wales, in Clwyd and a large number in the north west, especially on Anglesey and the Lleyn peninsula.

He is often described as the most important saint of North Wales. The cult of St Beuno survived the Reformation. In 1589 someone recorded that local people were bringing their lambs and calves to his tomb in order to make them strong and healthy.

In 1770 the custom still survived and it was written that parents were leaving sick children by his tomb at Eglwys y Bedd all night, and bathing them in his holy well. He is a patron of sick children.

The remains of his oratory at Clynnog Fawr were excavated in 1914. St Bueno's Jesuit Spirituality Centre in North Wales (pictured) is named after him.

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