St Dominic Savio

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Child saint. St Dominic was born in 1842 at Riva near Turin. He was one of ten children - his father was a blacksmith and his mother a seamstress. At the age of twelve he joined the school of St John Bosco where it is said he developed a spirituality well beyond his years. Under John Bosco's guidance he managed to avoid becoming a prig or a fanatic. He was known for his cheerfulness and friendliness to all. People would come to him for advice.

Once he was rapt in prayer for six hours. Another time he had a vision of a bishop 'bringing light to the English people'. St Dominic died of tuberculosis on this day in 1857, when he was just fifteen. John Bosco wrote his life story soon afterwards and this contributed a great deal to his canonization in 1954.

As a child saint he has been compared with Aloysius Gonzaga and Maria Goretti.

NOTE: This feast has been moved to 6 May.

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