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Cardinal calls for day of prayer for peace in Holy Land

Photo: Mazur/

Photo: Mazur/

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has written to priests in the diocese to ask for a special focus of prayer on 8 March for peace in the Holy Land.

In his message, he writes: "As we are all aware, the situation in the Holy Land has not improved, with failed negotiations, increasing humanitarian distress and a rising death toll. As Lent begins, I would like to urge that we continue our efforts, not least in prayer.

"And so I ask that, on Friday 8 March, there is a special focus of prayer for the Holy Land across the diocese. This could take the form of a dedicated time of prayer, perhaps before the Blessed Sacrament, for peace in the Holy Land. It could be as simple as making any regular Lenten devotions you may be having on that day for this intention."

He asks priests to make their "parishioners aware, and encourage them to make a special effort to take part.'

The Cardinal invites all the faithful in the diocese to take part in these prayers and devotions in their parishes.


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