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Christians For Palestine seek Regional Organisers

The recently-formed Christians For Palestine is growing fast!

We are a group of Christians of all denominations in the UK, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine. We don't pretend to have all the answers but are united in our prayers, hope and action for equality, peace and justice for all the peoples of the Holy Land.

Following our announcement of Christian blocs at national marches, some have asked if we're active in their region of the UK. We'd love to spread Christian solidarity with Palestine at marches across the whole country - to do this, we need the help of new local organisers.

If you are part of a Church or Christian community, or involved in a Christian peace and justice organisation and interested in organising a Christian bloc at your local Palestine solidarity march we'd love to connect with you.

Send us an email at:, and ask about becoming a regional organiser. We can support you with publicity and building connections with other groups. Your help would be so valuable.



Facebook page:

Twitter: @ Christians For Palestine


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