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Environmental campaigners disrupt service at St Paul's Cathedral

Campaigners take their message to St Paul's

Campaigners take their message to St Paul's

Source: Just Stop Oil

Sue Parfitt, 81, an active Anglican priest and retired psychotherapist from Bristol, and Judy Bruce, 83, a biology teacher from Swansea, disrupted the USA Thanksgiving Day service at St Paul's Cathedral on Thursday.

They interrupted the service and held a sign saying: 'Will our children thank us?' and 'Just Stop Oil'. As the ladies took action, the vicar running the service, Rev Jennifer Mills-Knutsen, said: "parade and protest, praise and petition are one in the same."

Around 20 city of London police attended the scene, as the ladies were escorted out by security.

Speaking before the action, they said: "Today, in St Paul's Cathedral is the Thanksgiving service when Americans especially celebrate family life. But here in Britain, young people are being imprisoned for saying: "We fear for our future - will we be able to have families of our own?

"Eight years ago, our governments pledged to reduce carbon emissions - but they, along with twenty of the largest oil producing nations, are now planning to increase oil and gas production.

"We are two women in our eighties who feel we must do whatever we can before we die to turn this around. Our young people need hope - but hope must be earned by action.

"Everyone must choose: are we on the side of hard decisions to kick our addiction to oil and gas? For a brighter future? Or are we on the side of business as usual leading to chaos and loss? Don't be fooled, it's not what people say, it's what they do that counts."

Yesterday, 14 Just Stop Oil supporters were arrested within seconds of stepping onto the road at Whitehall as they marched to demand an end to new oil and gas. There are currently four people held for court. This morning Christopher Ford, 46, a nursery school teaching assistant, and father of two sons, has been remanded to prison for peacefully marching.

Since October 30th there have been 612 arrests of Just Stop Oil supporters. There are currently ten Just Stop Oil supporters in prison, seven of whom have been imprisoned, without trial, for peacefully marching in the road. They are Cressie Gethin, 21, Noah Crane,18, Ella Ward, 20, Ruby Hamill, 19, Chiara Sarti, 24, Phoebe Plummer, 22, Sam Griffiths, 48 and Christopher Ford,46. They join Morgan Trowland and Marcus Decker, who have been imprisoned for over a year and were sentenced to three years and two years seven months respectively, in the longest sentences ever awarded for peaceful direct action.

On Tuesday, Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, warned that on current trends, emissions in 2030 will be 22 gigatons higher than the 1.5C limit for global heating would allow. That is roughly the total annual emissions of the USA, China and the EU combined. These emissions are shattering temperature records with June, July, August, September and October all the hottest on record. He warned we are on course for a 'dead-end' three degrees of heating above pre-industrial levels. This level of heating will trigger irreversible, catastrophic feedback loops that threaten human civilisation. Gueterres added that: "we must reverse course. The crucial aspect of this is [dealing with] our addiction to fossil fuels."

Campaigners warn: "Continued expansion of new oil and gas will bring about the wholesale destruction of ordered society and an end to the rule of law. We are not prepared to watch while the government continues to serve the interests of a few, at the expense of everyone else. It's up to all of us to come together and resist. It is the will of the vast majority of people that we end new oil and gas and together we can make it happen.

"People are marching every day from Trafalgar Square at 12pm, to bring an end to new oil and gas. Our government is waging war on its people, and we're fighting back. They're imprisoning peaceful protestors, protecting the real criminals, and licensing more than 100 new oil and gas projects while everything burns. We're coming together to demand an end to new oil and gas. It's not a case of 'if' we will win; but 'when'."


Let's Stop Oil:


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