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King Charles meets with faith leaders during Interfaith Week

Photo: Lambeth Palace/Neil Turner

Photo: Lambeth Palace/Neil Turner

Source: Archbishops House

Faith leaders from across the UK gathered to meet King Charles in the Library at Lambeth Palace to mark Inter Faith Week on Thursday, 16 November.

Speaking of the importance of the occasion, Cardinal Vincent said: 'At a time of heightened community tensions, with fear, anger and protest all too evident, this was an important gathering, expressing His Majesty's deep commitment to the harmony and well-being of all people in this land.

"I was privileged to be there and to engage in significant conversations with other leaders. Calm is needed. Times to listen to each other are important.

"Perhaps this can be done when together we fashion projects and take practical steps to help those most in need. And prayers for peace. Always."


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