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New Safeguarding Lead appointed for Conference of Religious

  • Susan Thomas

Sr Una Coogan IBVM

Sr Una Coogan IBVM

The Executive of the Conference of Religious (CoR) have announced the appointment of a new Safeguarding Lead for Religious. Sr Una Coogan IBVM, was appointed following a recruitment process, and she took up the role on 23rd October 2023. Una has extensive experience of working in safeguarding and she will take over the role from Sr Frances Orchard CJ who has come to the end of her term of office.

In a statement the CoR says: "At the Extraordinary Annual General Meeting on 22nd November, we are planning to formally thank Frances for all her work in establishing the Religious Safeguarding Lead role, and for working with Religious Life Safeguarding Service (RLSS) and Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency (CSSA) over the past year. We will also be introducing the new post holder Una Coogan to the membership."

Dani Wardman CEO of the RLSS said: "RLSS would like this opportunity to welcome Sr Una to the Lead Religious for Safeguarding role. We look forward to working with Una closely to keep a firm focus on safeguarding. Sr Una comes with many skills and experiences which make her ideally placed to lead this role, and RLSS are confident that together with Sr Una we can continue to improve safeguarding within the Catholic Church."




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