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Help us save lives in Gaza

Image: MAP

Image: MAP

Dear Readers

The situation in Gaza, right now, is desperate. Israeli forces have now entered Gaza, encircling Gaza City. They continue their massive, indiscriminate bombardment and nowhere in Gaza is safe. More than a million people have been internally displaced, and a total siege has cut us off from essential supplies. Sleeping, eating is very difficult. We don't even have clean water to drink.

The impact on Gaza's one million children is severe. My own children run for cover during airstrikes near our home, and I can't help but worry about the scars this experience will leave on their young minds.

Delivering medical supplies

I remain in my home, but almost all of my colleagues have been displaced. Some have had their homes destroyed. We have all lost friends or family members. But we do what we can to keep going. We have spent the last few weeks distributing the last remaining medical supplies we can to hospitals in Gaza.

People all over Gaza are in desperate need of shelter, food, medical care, and other essentials. We are one of the few agencies still working, doing our best to provide blankets, mattresses, and hygiene kits to displaced people, but the needs are overwhelming and supplies dwindling.

Our ongoing response

The Rafah crossing with Egypt has only partially opened this week, with only a trickle of aid being permitted into Gaza. We are actively setting up operations in Egypt to ensure a rapid and scaled response when the crossing opens to greater aid flow. Until then, we are procuring whatever supplies we can find from the local market, including here in the north where most other agencies cannot reach.

The situation in Gaza is terrible, and we need your support more than ever. We are so grateful, as always, but especially now, for your support and solidarity.

We are not going anywhere. This is our land, and together we will rebuild for the people of Gaza.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mahmoud Shalabi
Gaza Director
Medical Aid for Palestinians

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