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Becoming a Saint with Blessed Carlo Acutis

Source: CTS

Happy Feast of Bl Carlo Acutis!

The life of Blessed Carlo Acutis reveals five steps to being a saint: the Mass, Adoration, Confession and spiritual guidance, befriending the Blessed Mother and the saints, and charity. Today's Holy Minute explores the first step: the Mass.

Carlo strove to participate in Mass every day. With smiling confidence, he declared, "You go straight to heaven if you participate in the Mass every day."

The reason was simple. The foundation for holiness is a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. "The more we receive the Eucharist, the more we will become like Jesus, so that on this earth we will have a foretaste of heaven." For Carlo, this relationship was nurtured most especially by his belief in the Real Presence of the Lord in the Eucharist: "Jesus is really present in the world, just as when, in the time of the Apostles, the disciples could see him in flesh and blood walking the streets of Jerusalem."

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