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The continued imprisonment of Rev Samson is proof no one is safe in Myanmar

  • Benedict Rogers

Source: CSW

In a new blog, Benedict Rogers, Christian Solidarity Worldwide's Senior Analyst for East Asia, writes about the imprisonment of his friend, Rev Dr Hkalam Samson, in Myanmar:

"How could this man of peace and prayer be a 'terrorist'? How could this man who simply seeks justice and reconciliation be accused of 'defaming' a State that is ruled by a criminal regime which overthrew the country's democratically elected government? How could a man whose vocation as a pastor is to meet with different people, of various opinions, as part of his efforts to contribute to the search for a resolution to years of conflict be convicted of 'unlawful association'?

The arrest, sentencing and imprisonment of Reverend Dr Samson amounts to an outrageous travesty of justice. He is a non-violent Christian pastor, jailed simply for speaking the truth about the Myanmar military's barbaric atrocities perpetrated against the people of Myanmar."

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