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Appeal for prayers for Mary's Meals

Dear Editor,

For people who pray, our prayer lives tend to have ups and downs. Sometimes we struggle to find the right words or bring clarity to our intentions. I often find that having a focus brings new energy to my prayer time and invites a deeper connection with God.

I've spoken many times on the significance of prayer within Mary's Meals - in our story, prayer came first.

And while the vision and mission of Mary's Meals is universal - inviting people from all faiths and none to play their part in ensuring that vulnerable children receive a daily meal in their place of education - our work is named after Mary the Mother of Jesus and often described as a fruit of prayer.

Since the early days, we've encouraged people to offer prayers in support of our work. There simply isn't space to record all the astounding answers to prayer we have seen on our journey so far, but there have been many, and of course we can't possibly know about them all.

During the month of May, as we honour Our Lady, we ask you to pray for this work that belongs to Her. Join us as we Pray in May, at a time when we need your prayers more than ever - as we strive to continue serving more than 2.4 million and expanding to reach more vulnerable communities, all while facing complex global challenges and rising costs.

Whether you simply add Mary's Meals to your own prayer intentions or mobilise your church or prayer group, we thank you for this powerful act of service and support.

For more information and helpful resources, visit :

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder of Mary's Meals


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