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Resources for World Day of Migrants and Refugees

In a new video, Pope Francis speaks of the diversity of faith expressions and devotions as an opportunity to grow in catholicity.

In preparation for the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR), which will be celebrated on the last Sunday of September, the Holy Father invites us to grow together as a Church, realising that many Catholic migrants and refugees revitalise the Christian communities that welcome them.

In the video, you'll discover the witness of Saint Mary of the Lake and Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Chicago, which even celebrates multicultural diversity in the sacraments. People from different countries, welcomed into the community, share their diverse religious traditions and cultures. The parishioners of St. Mary of the Lake speak of how their faith has been enriched by the presence of migrants and refugees.

Pope Francis asks us: How can we make migrants and refugees more involved in our communities?

Watch the video here:

The Vatican's Migrants & Refugees Section has produced resources in preparation for WDMR, including ideas for Mass, prayers, activities for both young people and adults, and much more.


We are all invited to answer Pope Francis' question! Send your reply in a short video or photo to

The Migrants and Refugees Section looks forward to receiving your videos and photos from the 2022 WDMR celebrations in your community!

The Migrants & Refugees Section is a small pastoral office of the Holy See, personally directed by Pope Francis, working to help the Church worldwide to accompany vulnerable people on the move, including those who are forcibly displaced by conflict, natural disaster, persecution or extreme poverty, refugees and victims of human trafficking.

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