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Play: Short Memory

Short Memory at the Golden Goose Theatre, Camberwell, SE50RR.

A play by Richard Roques, about Alzheimer's and music. Short Memory begins with a live community choir on stage singing the end of the first part of a performance of The Messiah by Handel. As the choral performance reaches its interval, Adam and Nancy step out of the choir to meet their grandson, Simon. Simon is more interested in the young man in the choir standing next to his grandfather than the music. His father, Gerald, runs a hedge fund. He is shorting shares in a pharmaceutical company which is running trials for a new drug to treat Alzheimer's. The price goes up, he loses. The price goes down, he makes a killing. Gerald needs the drug trials to fail. He is too busy watching the market to notice that his father is losing his memory. As King George the Second stood in 1743 for the Hallelujah chorus of Handel's Messiah, Adam, with advanced Alzheimer's, stands and sings.

Cast/Performers: James Fletcher (Simon), Dan Wollf (Jack), Peter Saracen (Adam), Janet Behan (Nancy), Jonathan Hansler (Gerald)Creatives/Company.

Short Memory runs at the Golden Goose Theatre, Camberwell, SE50RR until 23 April, weekdays at 7pm.and 3pm and 7pm on 23 April.

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