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New resource: Praying the Hours

  • Fr Adrian Graffy

Image from What Good News

Image from What Good News

Praying the Hours The Second Vatican Council made the Liturgy of the Hours accessible to all the Baptised. The priestly people, anointed in Baptism, pray to the Father through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. In recent times new ways of praying the Hours have been given to us, through digital resources, especially valued in time of pandemic. This conversation between Fr Adrian Graffy, Sister Anne Spilberg and Fr Gerard Bradley provides a gentle introduction to this ancient Prayer of the Church, with its roots in the prayer of Jesus and in Jewish practice, and which has been given new life in our present times.

To access the three parts of the conversation please go to:

Christ the Eternal High Priest Catholic Church
410 Brentwood Road Gidea Park RM2 6DH


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