Book: 50 years on - the case for Catholic schools

 The existence of state supported Catholic schools has become a matter of controversy despite providing quiet and unobtrusive benefits to society for many years. They are popular with parents, are academically and socially effective, and politicians would love to discover their secret, "bottle it" and make it available more widely. Yet some are critical of all that they stand for.

This book seeks to explain to both proponents and sceptics how the maintained Catholic sector originated, what it seeks to do and how it makes a positive contribution to society.

It will help readers gain a clearer understanding of the relevance of the so called 'faith school debate'. It explains the history of the development of the Catholic sector in England. It describes the Church's understanding of the primacy of parents in the education of their children and the limits of the state's legitimate role.

It should be of value to anyone interested in understanding Catholic schools, to those who send their children to them, and to those who are already working and teaching in them. Most importantly, it makes a clear case for the traditional role of Catholic schools within the 'dual system' of English education.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols said: "All who are interested in the debate on the place of schools of a religious character will find this book of great interest. This will include those who lead, teach in and support our Catholic schools as well as those who are interested in the issues that feature in this debate and who are prepared to take on board the evidence and detail which should inform that debate itself."

The author, Dr Andrew Morris is the Director of the Centre for Christian Education at Liverpool Hope University. He has been involved in Catholic education for over forty years, He has formerly been a headteacher, chairman of governors of both primary and secondary schools and Deputy Director of Schools of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. He is an Associate member of the National Institute for Christian Education Research and MA tutor at the Maryvale Institute of Higher Education, Birmingham.

50 years on - the case for Catholic schools is published by Matthew James Publishing Ltd ISBN 978-1-898366-92-8 Price £14.95. It will be available shortly on Amazon which can be found on the Home Page of ICN. You can also order it from:

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