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Christians Aware releases new book: 'It's the Journey'

  • Barbara Butler

'It's the Journey' is a new book written by Timothy Biles, a retired priest of Salisbury Anglican Diocese. It is a wonderful collection of stories from his travels for many years all over the world. The stories are uplifting, depressing, surprising and true.

The book is divided into sections: Culture clashes, Victims and heroes, That's war, God of a hundred faces, Journey's joys. There are coloured photographs throughout and it is attractive, interesting and thought-provoking.

In this book he reflects on his experiences of life in lands dominated by the Muslims of Pakistan, the Hindus of India, the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and the Jews of Israel-Palestine. He finds heroes and victims from all the faiths as wars and turbulence drive people to support each other in the search for safety and a life worth living.

In Luxor, Egypt, Tim tells of a visit to a home where his host was rich because he had water and animals. He offers incredible insights into refugee camps and their mostly dignified and very brave inhabitants.

Throughout his book Tim introduces readers to remarkable people including Archbishop Elias Chakour, Brother Andrew of the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, and Father Bede Griffiths.

"Whilst it is true that the meaning is in the journey not the destination, Tim Biles has been to some fascinating places. He has collected his reflections on a series of vivid encounters and made them into good stories. What I like most of all is the way in which he opens the experience to us and does not try to resolve the puzzles, dilemmas and contradictions he encountered. He enjoys life and loves people. In seeking meaning, his own beliefs and values become clear but he leaves us with work to do."

Barbara Butler is the Executive Secretary of Christians Aware.

'It's the Journey' - £14 + £4 p&p from Christians Aware, 2 Saxby Street, Leicester LE2 0ND or you can order by emailing the author:


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