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Poetry: Holy Week Voices from the Holy Land

Holy Week Voices from the Holy Land is a unique spiritual resource with 15 contributors from the Holy Land drawn from across the main Christian denominations, compiled with a series of poems and reflections written by Fr Richard Nesbitt. Fr Richard is parish priest at Our Land of Fatima's in White City, west London, and wrote the poems during Holy Week in the first lockdown in 2020.

In an imaginative way the poems walk in the footsteps of Jesus from the raising of Lazarus, through Holy Week right up to the appearance of the Risen Christ to the disciples on the road to Emmaus to create a unique reflection on the ways in which Christ's living presence has been experienced in these two times of extreme crisis two millennia apart. There are forewords written by Cardinal Vincent Nichols and Archbishop Justin Welby.

The book is available to purchase for £7.99 in paperback online:

The book is also available as an e-book at the same price, £7.99, using Issuu. You can browse the first chapter of the book before you buy here:

Once you have bought the book online, this software allows you to open the book and flick through it page by page for ease of reading. It also allows you to download a copy to your pc or device.

All copies sold will donate money to FHL, so please recommend this beautifully presented book to your friends, family and church family.


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