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Happy Birthday Cardinal Vincent Nichols!

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster celebrates his 75th birthday today. In a letter to the Diocese for Tuesday, 9th November, he writes:

Dear Fathers, Dear brothers and sisters,

I was most grateful to receive many messages of prayer and good wishes for yesterday, my 75th birthday. Not much of a celebration in these times, but a very happy day nonetheless.

As you will understand, some time ago I wrote to the Holy Father offering my resignation from the Office of Archbishop of Westminster.

With the arrival of the new Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Gugerotti, came the reply.

The Holy Father formally accepts my resignation and, at the same time, has decided that I am to remain in office until, at his decision, other provision is made.

When I wrote to Pope Francis I said that I was, peacefully, at his disposition. So it is in this same peaceful spirit that I will now continue as your bishop. I do so encouraged by the message from the Holy Father and supported by your prayers, continuing good will and patience with my shortcomings.

So, on we go! These days are not at all easy but we know the Lord never leaves our side. It is with his Spirit that we humbly seek to serve, as best we can.

Please do keep up your good work, as I will strive to do, also. With warmest wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Cardinal Vincent Nichols
Archbishop of Westminster


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