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Philippines: Shipping company urged to resume search for 40 seafarers lost at sea

Source: Stella Maria, AoS

In the spirit of the 22nd National Maritime Week and the 25th National Seafarers' Day Celebration (Silver Jubilee), we, at the Apostleship of the Seas-Stella Maris Philippines, remember with prayerful hearts the 40 seafarers lost at sea from the maritime shipping disaster of Gulf Livestock 1 on September 2, 2020.

We have not forgotten them. Hence, we are making a direct and strong appeal to the ship owner GULF NAVIGATION HOLDING to resume the searching and support their respective families in every possible way. Likewise, we are making an urgent appeal to the Philippine Government to extend any assistance and/or to act on behalf of the heartbroken families to request the neighboring countries in conducting search and rescue within their scope of waters and islands.

We have not lost hope and we hold on to God, relying on His mighty power for miracles. Jesus said in the Bible, ""Courage! Don't be afraid. It's me!" (Matthew 14:27).

We continue to pray that others may have somehow survived this tragic incident. Our thoughts and heartfelt empathy go out to all the family members and friends who are anticipating good news at home.

+Ruperto Cruz Santos, DD, Bishop of Balanga and CBCP Bishop-Promoter of the Apostleship of the Sea-Stella Maris Philippines
AOS/Stella Maris Manila- Rev Fr Paulo Prigol -SEA AOS Coordinator
AOS/Stella Maris Cagayan de Oro- Rev Msgr. Eutiquino M Legitimas-AOS National Director
AOS /Stella Maris Batangas- Rev Fr Jessie Pentinio
AOS/Stella Maris La union- Rev Fr Liberato Apusen
AOS/Stella Maris Cebu- Rev Fr John C Mission
AOS/Stella Maris Bohol-Rev Fr Victor Bompat
AOS/Stella Maris Iloilo- Rev Fr Arvin Largado
AOS/Stella Maris Maasin-Rev Fr Niccolo Florencio
AOS/Stella Maris Gen Santos- Sr Susan Bolanio.OND AOS
Stella Maris Iligan- Rev Fr Dwight Calaor


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