Nationwide schools assembly: The World We Want'

Source: CAFOD

As students return to school, following a summer where children, young people and schools created a summer of Hope for people across the world, CAFOD is hosting a second national assembly to inspire everyone to think about what world we want now that we have the opportunity to shape it.

Join us on Thursday 10 September (9.30am for primary, 10am for secondary) and be inspired by the voices of children and young people as they reflect on the changes of recent months.

The assembly will reflect on the changes we've all experienced and the opportunity we now have to transform our world together. While helping students discover how we can all rise to the challenge of building a fairer and safer world for all, where we care for each other and the earth.

Monica Conmee, CAFOD's Head of Education, said: "During the recent lockdown, communities across the UK came together to stand in solidarity to fight the coronavirus. Even though we had to be physically apart during this time, seeing extraordinary feats of generosity and kindness within communities helped to bring us together.

"Just because lockdown is lifting, there is no reason why we should lose that community spirit. This assembly will provide an opportunity to gather together, virtually, and be uplifted by the powerful voices of children and young people who are working together to build a better world."

The 'World we want' assembly will be officially launched on 10 September with a nationwide assembly premiered on CAFOD's YouTube channel to schools in England and Wales.

The assembly will inspire schools, communities, and young people to reflect on the call of children and young people by Pope Francis in Christi Viviti to act for change and how we now have an opportunity to make the world we want.

You can watch the assembly on Further details can be found on

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