Reflection: To judge or not to judge

Adele - wiki image

Adele - wiki image

Fr Rajiv Michael from Westminster Cathedral, writes in his blog Casting Fire:

Adele, the singer, has been all over the News and social media recently. She seems to have become the latest, but for sure not the last, victim of the woke generation and 'cancel' culture. Her crime seems to be that she decided to wear her hair using a particular African style that fateful morning; her picture, with her hair tied in 'bantu knots' soon became a trending topic on social media and even front page news in some papers. One user on Twitter declared that this proves all white women in pop were problematic: blind to the fact that to paint all people of a particular race as 'problematic' because of one person's 'crime' would exactly fit the bill as racist. Another user called for her to be arrested with no parole: obviously, the most serious crime of our time. In a globalised culture, it is common for people in different cultures to try things across boundaries, be it, Western women wearing traditional Asian outfits at times, or those in the East adopting Western cultural practices and so on.

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