Book: Pathways to a Decision with Ignatius of Loyola

  • Carolanne Henry

Since Fr Jorge Bergoglio SJ became Pope, the congregation of Jesuits have come under the global religious gaze - their distinctive ethos and how they may differ from other religious orders.

Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, developed a spirituality which has helped countless numbers of people since the sixteenth century. He gives us the tools to identify God's presence and to make good decisions that help welcome God into our lives through the ordinary daily routine.

A new book, Pathways to a Decision with Ignatius of Loyola by Jim Maher SJ, presents some of Ignatius' key insights in an informal way and renders accessible the Ignatian concepts of consolation and desolation, the practice of the Examen and the principle of agere contra.

Presenting a compact study of Ignatian Spirituality as it applies to decision-making, this basic introduction will be helpful to many. For those who may wish to further explore their spirituality, the book offers a window to a spirituality that recognises God's presence through our feelings, desires, and actions in unexpected places and at unexpected times.

Jim Maher SJ was born in Limerick. He has spent most of his Jesuit life ministering at Crescent College Comprehensive SJ as a teacher of English and RE He managed the 5th Year Social Outreach Programme and led 6th Year pilgrimage retreats. He continues to provide pastoral support at Crescent College Comprehensive.

Pathways to a Decision with Ignatius of Loyola by Jim Maher SJ is published in Ireland and the UK by Messenger Publications. Priced €12.95/£11.95.

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