Novena to Commemorate 75th Anniversary of Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Source: CSJP

The Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace write: As we renew our Congregational Statement on Nuclear Weapons on the 75 Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we invite you to join us in praying this novena, holding each daily intention in the light of our Constitutions. May it strengthen our resolve to pray and work to free the world from the horror of nuclear weapons.

August 1- We pray for the people of Japan who carry the wounds of nuclear warfare.

August 2- We pray for our scorched and damaged earth, poisoned and polluted by nuclear tests and nuclear waste.

August 3- We repent and ask forgiveness for the times we have turned a blind eye or shown apathy in response to our government's proliferation of nuclear weapons.

August 4- We pray for all those who work in the nuclear industry, may they find ways to transfer their skills to the green economy.

August 5- We pray for politicians and leaders of the nuclear states that they would 'choose life' and sign the nuclear ban treaty.

August 6- May we listen afresh to the wisdom of the Hibakusha (surviving victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) calling us to a nuclear free world.

August 7- We pray for all investors and manufactures in the nuclear industry, that they will divest and transfer their money and skills to bringing life not death.

August 8- We pray for all who suffer the violence of poverty, may the billions wasted on nuclear weapons be redirected to health, education, housing and the environment.

August 9- We pray for all peacemakers, especially those who risk their own liberty to non-violently resist the preparations for nuclear war.

Christ is our peace,
our source of power
united with him
we engage in the struggle
against the reality of evil
and continue the work
of establishing God's reign
of Justice and peace.
(CSJP Constitution 2)

We build upon a rich heritage.
Our founding spirit calls us
to further the work of peace.

Responding to this call
we experience our own need
for continuing conversion
to gospel values which engender peace.
(CSJP Constitution 10)


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