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First-ever survey of Black British Christians' views on climate change

Source: Christian Aid

Christian Aid is inviting Black Christians to take part in what is hoped will be the biggest survey of its kind gauging their views on climate change. Despite black and brown people being disproportionately affected by climate change around the world, the climate protest movement is often represented and led by white people.

There have even been charges of discrimination against Black activists. Only last year Ugandan climate school striker Vanessa Nakate was cropped out of a photo with white campaigners by the Associated Press at a photoshoot in Davos.

So Christian Aid has launched a landmark study into the attitudes, experiences and perspectives of Black British Christians in relation to climate justice. The study is being conducted by Savanta ComRes during July and August

Chine McDonald, Christian Aid's Head of Public Engagement, said: "To our knowledge this is the first time Black Christians have been surveyed on climate change like this. The study will explore the drivers and barriers that Black Christians face when engaging with the climate justice movement. We are inviting Black Christians across the UK to take part in this research, so that together we can ensure the climate justice movement is truly diverse and genuinely reflects - and responds to - the lived experiences of people who shoulder the climate crisis burden worldwide.

"With the UK hosting the crucial COP26 UN climate summit in Glasgow next year, the UK climate movement, including many churches, will be taking an active role in the global push for greater action to tackle the climate crisis. As a Black Christian myself, I hope this study will provide an important insight into the views of the Black Christian community about one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

"The more Black Christians we get to complete the survey the more accurate the results will be and the more impact we will have on creating a diverse and inclusive movement that calls for justice for the world's poorest and most marginalised groups who are being affected by the climate crisis."

The survey can be accessed here:


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