Teen computer geek on the way to sainthood

Carlo Acutis

Carlo Acutis

A computer geek who dedicated his life to Jesus, Carlo Acutis died in 2006 at the age of 15, but is already on his way to sainthood! Learn how his life inspires us to embrace the digital age for evangelisation and catechesis in a new book from CTS - Online With Saints which is due to be published later this year.

Carlo was born in London and grew up in Milan. His great passion was computers, and he had a vast knowledge of programming. He created websites, designed leaflets and edited films or comics. He also found time to do volunteer charity work in an orphanage and with elderly people. He loved to joke and laugh, but also tried to treat everyone well.

The most important thing for him was: 'To always be close to Jesus, that's my life plan.' From an early age, he had a great devotion to the Eucharist and tried to attend Mass every day, first surprising his parents, then taking them with him. He called the Eucharist 'my highway to heaven.'

Before or after Mass he prayed in front of the tabernacle, where the sacrament of the Eucharist is preserved. He also had a great love for Mary, and often prayed the rosary. Probably this is why, in 2006, he was able to accept his diagnosis of acute leukaemia with such faith and calmness. In his prayer, he offered his pain to God for Pope Benedict XVI and the Church. He died a few days later at the age of 15.

The life of Carlo Acutis is one of the inspiring stories told in Online With Saints by Fr Michel Remery - which will be available from 15 September this year.

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