Author invites children to join creative project for CAFOD

Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Frank Cottrell-Boyce

The award-winning Catholic author Frank Cottrell-Boyce, is supporting CAFOD's Summer of Hope campaign with a special creative project for young people.

Children are being invited to say just in one word, or one sentence, what has given them hope in the last few months since the Covid-19 lockdown began. It might be an object, an activity, a person, a phrase, or an idea.

Frank will be gathering these pieces and turning them into a unique piece of writing that will be shared through CAFOD's schools work and on digital channels in September.

Frank said: "I am delighted to be part of this CAFOD project. We are living through an extraordinary moment in history. When our children grow up, their children and their children's children will want to hear what life was like during the pandemic of 2020.

"So, this is a great way to capture future memories and to help children realise the importance and understand the lessons of what they are living through.

"This is a time of isolation so it's a particularly brilliant idea to have a project that we all work on together. Because although we have to be apart, we know that we are all one. Although we are isolated, we are never alone."

How to take part.

Write down in one word or sentence, what has given you hope in the last few months. It might be an object, an activity, a person, a phrase, or an idea. Add a picture if you like. If you've put your ideas down on paper and you want to send a photo of it, that's fine too! Don't forget to include your first name, your age and your town. Please ask permission from an adult - then email your piece to: [email protected] before Monday 27 July.

Please note, by sending in your submission (whether written or drawn) you give CAFOD permission to reproduce it for use for this project, and others, including media work.

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