Future of live streaming Mass

I read with interest your article today about live streaming Masses. ( June 12 2020 - East Anglia: Cathedral's new live-stream services attract worldwide congregation - www.indcatholicnews.com/news/39800 )

I "shopped" around until I have settled on a parish where the Mass is as inclusive as perhaps it can be under the circumstances and the homilies are thoughtful and hold my attention.

The point of this email is to say that I hope churches will continue with the live streaming option for those who are housebound, carers and those working who can then find a live streaming Mass.

The parish I am joining for their live streaming Mass were doing it before Covid19 for people who were housebound so it is compatible alongside a full church. It has one camera and a decent sound system. It doesn't always need complicated cameras. In my view as long as I can see and hear the priest who looks to be engaged, it is the quality of the liturgy and homily that matters. (For example: referring to parishioners who have asked for prayers and a pastoral priest seeming genuinely concerned about the life of those "attending." And music that is diverse and links with the liturgy and what we are going through.)

I very much miss my own diverse and noisy Parish Community, (which isn't streaming) but this has become an alternative for Mass, and once we are back at Mass in the future I may still "join" this other parish too....

Best wishes

Pippa Bonner


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