Invitation to take part in a new process exploring youth accompaniment

Million Minutes is launching a new process to explore how the Church can better accompany young people. Responding to Pope Francis call for 'a Church capable of walking at people's sides' they want to learn from what's already happening. They then plan to invite people to collaborate together to explore the learning, and to develop approaches and resources to support people in, what Pope Francis calls, the 'art of accompaniment'.

Danny Curtin explained: "It is a process to encourage, develop and support a culture of accompaniment of our young people within Catholic communities. That means walking side by side with young people, taking time to be with them, listening attentively and helping them to hear the 'good spirit' within them as they journey through life, both in their small steps in their most significant life choices.

"The call to accompany young people is timeless. But in a world undeniably changed by COVID-19, the need for genuine accompaniment is greater than ever. Our communities possess an incredible capacity to extend God's love to young people and walk shoulder to shoulder with them, in their lives and in how they help lead the world and the Church, in the response to current times."

To begin the process Million Minutes wish to hear from a range of people who have experience of accompanying young people in different settings both formally and informally. Curtin continued: "We don't just want the formal examples of youth leaders and chaplains. We also want to know about those people doing it in other ways. It could be a choir member who is a confidant to the younger singers; or maybe the person who runs the parish youth group; or the parishioner who's just a natural at it or may be even someone offering spiritual direction. It might also be someone doing this away their church setting. It may be a teacher or support worker who listens and encourages; may be a professional whose faith is part of how they support young people."

Readers are invited to take part in a short survey, as the first phase of a longer project. See:

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