Pax Christi USA response to Trump tweet about Catholic protester

Martin Gugino - Screenshot

Martin Gugino - Screenshot

Source: Pax Christi USA

Pax Christi USA has issued the following statement regarding President Trump's attack on 75 year-old Catholic peace activist Martin Gugino who was injured by two police officers during a peaceful protest last week in Buffalo, New York.

Last week, Martin Gugino, a 75 year-old Catholic peace activist from Buffalo, New York was shoved by two police officers during a peaceful protest, resulting in a fall that left him unconscious and bleeding from his head. The two officers have been suspended and charged with assault. Following the incident, the president tweeted about Mr Gugino, insinuating that he was an "antifa provocateur".

Pax Christi USA has long been involved in public protests and celebrates the right of people in our country to gather to air their opinions and stand up for the values which they believe in. The treatment of Mr Gugino, who is motivated by his deep Catholic faith, is inexcusable and shines a further light on the importance of protecting the rights of people to peacefully protest. Furthermore, the president's tweet is just another example of his determination to sow confusion and division, to attack the character of people with whom he disagrees, and to threaten people who exercise their rights as citizens of this country.

Pax Christi USA extends our appreciation to Mr Gugino for his actions and prays for his quick recovery. We are also appreciative of the short comment he gave in response to reporters who informed him of the president's tweet.

"No comment other than Black lives matter," Gugino said.

Click here to read Witness Against Torture's press release:

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