Kenya: Mission in Turkana design their own Covid-19 masks

  • Jo Siedlecka

Cecilia, Lilian  and friends model colourful masks

Cecilia, Lilian and friends model colourful masks

Many parts of Kenya have been under Covid-19 lockdown and strict curfew since early April. Although there have only been 1,161 cases and 50 deaths reported so far - the authorities are concerned that if the virus takes hold, it could spread very quickly, because the capital, Nairobi, has the largest slum in Africa - Kebira, where more than half a million people are living in very overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.

While the virus has not reached the remote Missionary Community of St Paul the Apostle in Turkana, in the far northwest, the same lockdown rules apply, and all schools, children's nutrition projects and churches have been closed.

The mission staff there are keeping busy, and preparing for the virus if it does comes. One group is making their own soaps and disinfectants ( See: ICN 11 May 2020 - Eyewitness report: Mission in Kenya prepares for Covid-19 - )

In Kokuselei, home science student Cecilia Ekatorrot, and teacher Lilian Maketa, (pictured) have started another cottage industry, making protective masks, using traditional Kenyan fabrics.

The mission is supported by New Ways - a UK-based charity run entire by volunteers in several London parishes. If you would like to support their work see:

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