Focolare: United World Week - #In Time For Peace

In 1995, following an international youth gathering, the Focolare Movement in collaboration with other associations, movements and groups, initiated 'United World Week' which takes place from 1-7 May. The aim of this annual event is to showcase examples of peaceful coexistence between peoples and cultures and encourage the development of institutions and initiatives promoting universal fraternity.

This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, for the first time, United World Week will take place entirely on line. The programme will include two worldwide events and many local initiatives.

The central message of In Time for Peace expresses support for Pope Francis' repeated appeal for world peace and attention to the vulnerable during this time of global suffering. In addition, it reiterates UN General Secretary, Antonio Gutteres' call for an end to armed conflict, "Now is the time to stop all armed conflict and concentrate on the battle for our lives.[…]That is what all humanity needs now more than ever."

See below for the timetable of what is happening in the UK or visit: to gain a worldwide overview of actions and experiences that contribute to humanity's journey towards unity even in the face of the enormous current challenges.

Saturday 2nd May 11am - 12 noon
United World Week International Link Up

Watch it here:
or here:

Sunday 3rd May 11am - 12 noon
Run4Unity - Worldwide relay race for peace
Watch it here:

The young people preparing this event are asking for contributions in advance. Send to [email protected] postcards/drawings of any action that builds unity -or pictures - or short texts - for inclusion in a video to be shown during the Run4Unity. Remember this will be shown to a wide public.

Mon 4th - Tue 5th - Wed 6th - Thu 7th May

Every day at 12noon - 12:05

TimeOut - A short prayer or reflection to ask for peace and to focus on our personal commitment to build peace wherever we are.

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